Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Stack - Spring Watercolours

Today is the first day of spring but it has been a soggy day in Wellington.  These fabrics remind me of watercolours, which seemed appropriate given the wet rainy day.

En Garden Natural by Nani Iro
Spectacle Pink by Nani Iro
Poppy Trip Red by Nani Iro
En Garden Pink by Nani Iro
Charms Plus Dots Gold by Ellen Luckett Baker
Mountain Views Neon by Nani Iro

This week's Tuesday Stack is available for sale here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Stack - Graphic and a Giveaway Winner

Heath Decor Weight Black from Alexander Henry
Charms Sheep by Ellen Luckett Baker
Samber Natural from Echino
Charms Half Round Metallic Gold by Ellen Luckett Baker
Monochrome Shades Charcoal by Ellen Luckett Baker

This week's Tuesday Stack is for sale here.

And now for the winner of last week's Tuesday Stack Giveaway.  Each comment on the blog and Facebook page was assigned a number and the True Random Number Generator thingamebobby used and the winners are....  

Sarah May Bowden and her friend Sara Chambers.  Congratulations to the two Sara(h)s.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway - I am sorry you cannot all be winners.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Stack - Introducing The Tinies and a Giveaway

This week's stack is based around The Tinies by Marisa of Creative Thursday for Kokka.  The colours and designs of these fabrics are great.  The range contains Cotton Linen mixes as well as 100% cotton prints.  I have also included one of the beautiful Yuwa Spots.  

From top to bottom there is:

The Tinies Stack is available for sale here.

We are giving away two of these stacks.  If you would like to win this Tuesday Stack for you and a friend just leave a comment here, with your friend's name and what you would like to make with these fabrics.  You can enter a second time by commenting on the Facebook post here.

Entries are limited to New Zealand and Australian residents.  Entries close at midnight Monday 17 August.  The winners will be announced next Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Stack - Lighthearted

Tuesday Stack was interrupted last week due to illness.  This was doubly frustrating as I had just received a huge shipment of fabric.  After almost a week at home I am so glad to be back at work.  Ordinarily I would think time at home to sew was a bonus - but I was too sick to sew.  (Yes such a state does exist!)

So...I am slowly getting through the new fabrics that have arrived in store and getting them on line.  With over 100 new fabrics this week's Tuesday Stack was hard to pick.  In the end I went with Ayumi Mills' fabric line Lighthearted. 

I have followed Ayumi's blog Pink Penguin for a number of years now - I like her design aesthetic so when she designed her fabric range for Kokka I knew I had to order it.

As well as designing fabric Ayumi writes a column in Patchwork Tsushin a favourite Japanese quilt mag and last year published her book Patchwork Please.  I blogged about her book here.

This stack is for sale here.  As a special to celebrate our new shipment of fabric you will buy a fat quarter in all 10 designs for the price of 9.

Tuesday Stack - Cotton and Steel

I am loving the new Cotton and Steel in store.

Heath Pink/Hot Pink from Alexander Henry

This stack is sale for on line here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Stack - What's all this about Low Volume Fabric?

This week's Tuesday Stack is all about Low Volume fabrics.  I get people who ask; "what do you mean by Low Volume?".  So I have attempted to explain what it means to me below, with some examples.  I am not saying this is the definition as I am sure others may interpret it differently.

The term low volume fabric is a relatively new one in the quilting world.  It refers to fabrics which have a white, cream, taupe or light grey background which when put with other fabrics in a quilt read as white or light.  Low volume fabrics can have prints on them, but the prints do not tend to have colour in them or if they do very little.  

Fashion Magazine White by Suzuko Koseki (included in this week's stack) for example features a little colour.  I love this fabric and have used it a number of times as a low volume fabric.

This Mini Quilt using Rachel Woodenspoon's Raspberry Kiss Block was made for Mrs Moog as part of a mini quilt swap.  And features low volume fabrics.

The old white on white and cream on cream fabrics were perhaps the first low volume fabrics and whilst I might use these I like to have a little bit more "going on" on my low volume fabrics.

Low volume fabrics are generally used to provide negative space in quilts and modern quilting.  To me negative space is that place where your eye can have a rest from all the colours and designs in a quilt.  The negative space helps the rest of the colours and designs to "pop" and be noticed.

I like using low volume fabrics in my quilts because they provide interest in the background. However be warned once you start using them they do become addictive and another fabric collection is born.  I have a special section in store and on line which is dedicated to Low Volume Fabrics (just in case you catch the low volume bug). 

Currently I am using low volume fabrics in a scrappy bear paw quilt.

So this week's stack is all about low volume fabric and features some of the newer low volume prints in store, as well as some old favourites.

This week's fabrics clockwise from top right are:

Whisper Shadow from Robert Kaufman
Black and White Tiger Stripes by Alexia Marcelle Abegg for Cotton and Steel
In the Jungle by Sevenberry
Kitten's Meow Toile by Heather Rosas
Pythagore from Yuwa
Fashion Magazine White by Suzuko Koseki

This week's low volume stack is available for sale on line here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tuesday Stack - Gorgeous New Linens

These beautiful new linens are from Yuwa in Japan.  They are a generous 130 cms wide and can be used for quilting, bag making and home decor items.  The linen has a very soft and lightly washed look.

Included in this stack (left to right and then down):

Whether you are buying for a specific project or are stash building these would make great additions to the fabric collection.

You can buy a fat quarter of each of these fabrics here.  Plus as a special if you buy this Tuesday stack there is $1 off per fat quarter for a limited time.