Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some of the joys of having teenagers

Yes there are some! 

Watching the DVDs you love, that were considered too old, with them for the first time.  These holidays we have been watching Love Actually (a personal favourite), the Bourne movies and 50 First Dates.  Any other recommendations?

Reading young adult/teen fiction.  These holidays The Hunger Games have been read by everyone!

This is the first book of the trilogy and comes highly recommended - everyone in our house loved them (beware they are addictive).

And of course there is always something very special at getting a big hug from my 6 foot something 15 year old son; and all the hormonal moods are forgotten when I get a special hug and massage from my 13 year old baby girl.

I love watching them grow and develop into wonderful young adults.

Please note:  they can also drive me insane and rant and rave and even say the occassional swear word at times :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

back home

After a wonderful time away, including morning walks on the beach ....

Building beach huts

Mr S being lifeguard

 It is back to.....

washing, lots and lots of washing.

P.S.   I am also packing for tomorrow's Frank Kitts Market, if you are looking for something to do I would love to see you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sand up the Wazoo!

You will be pleased to know there are no photos with this post!!

We are having a wonderful holiday at the beach just outside of Whakatane.  Building beach huts, swimming, reading books, playing games and -oh look at that - it's wine time.