Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some of the joys of having teenagers

Yes there are some! 

Watching the DVDs you love, that were considered too old, with them for the first time.  These holidays we have been watching Love Actually (a personal favourite), the Bourne movies and 50 First Dates.  Any other recommendations?

Reading young adult/teen fiction.  These holidays The Hunger Games have been read by everyone!

This is the first book of the trilogy and comes highly recommended - everyone in our house loved them (beware they are addictive).

And of course there is always something very special at getting a big hug from my 6 foot something 15 year old son; and all the hormonal moods are forgotten when I get a special hug and massage from my 13 year old baby girl.

I love watching them grow and develop into wonderful young adults.

Please note:  they can also drive me insane and rant and rave and even say the occassional swear word at times :)


Little Miss Flossy said...

Your kids are the same age as mine! We did the same thing with the adult movies including the shawshank redemption and the green mile. Love The Hunger Games trilogy, have you read Uglies, Prettiest and Specials? Another interesting futuristic series. We're school uniform shopping tomorrow - argh!

clare's craftroom said...

Oh dear I think you have my family too , lanky 15 yo boy and 13 yo girl . My son has just finished "Alone" the first book in the Chasers series by James Phelan , loved it !

Crafty Maine Mom said...

My kids have three movies that we got as VHS tapes and they always watch them. Back to the Future, Bend it like Bechkam, and Uptown Girl.

I have to warn you that I have two older girls and 1 ten year old boy, he watches the Back to the Future but he would say his favorites are the star wars movies and Catch that Kid.

SewLindaAnn said...

Love Actually is my hubs and mine favorite movie. I just gave one to my best friend too. My son likes to read outside my zone, he goes for pyscological, theological, or anything logical. Along with that he's into the old, old comedians so he and my hubs enjoy that stuff together. Him and I will watch serious dramas and horror flicks, that's our together thing. Today it's an oldie "Requiem for a Dream" from 2000 I think.

Philippa said...

Funnily enough I looked at your blog yesterday and had no idea about the books - today I pay attention and discover Olivia prone on the couch devouring the first book of the trilogy that she had borrowed from a friend on Monday. At least I was able to sound informed about it thanks to you! Will have to pinch them before they go back. Very impressed with the market on Saturday - can't imagine why I have taken so long to visit! see you again soon. Philippa