Thursday, February 3, 2011

special delivery

I had request from my son for a delivery bag.  J does a paper round and needed a new bag.  After much deliberation between the kokka robots and the echino bicycle fabric he went with the bicycles.  I made up the pattern as I went along using an old esprit bag that I had.

To give the bag a base I folded some of the fabric to the outside forming a triangle shape and stitched - a sort of deconstructed look.  I also let some of the selvedge show, but was a bit bummed when the word bicycles got covered by the turned up fabric.

And the verdict from the delivery bag critic

Yup it's cool Mum.


Mee a Bee said...

Love it! Yup, it's cool!
Hey, thanks for popping in to visit me. I loved your story. What a great neighbour you are!!

Rach said...

Lovely bag : ) I have some of that fabric too!! So far I have cut out around the bike and sewn it onto a shirt for our little guy.

joanie said...

Great bag, love how you made the base. Hope that paper round just zips right along now!

monda-loves said...

hello! thanks for popping by and visiting my little blog. In answer to your questions, I purchased the metal cake plate handles on ebay (my second home). There are quite a few sellers in the UK that sell them. Hope this helps.