Friday, February 25, 2011

1 metre, 2 metres, 3 metres, 4 - the new shipment arrives

A new shipment of fabric has arrived and that means slogging through all the mesuring and cutting, taking photos and loading them into the store.  It is happening, but it is a slow process.

Plus tomorrow I am out at the Frank Kitts Market - so guess what I will be doing on Sunday?

Some of the fabrics, like Melody Miller's first range, Ruby Star Rising, I bought without seeing physical samples and I wow they are amazing and I wish I had bought more, oh well there is always next time.

Vintage Ladies


Vintage Dishes

Better go - you know blogging was an excuse to skive off!

Take care and best wishes for the weekend, especially to all those in Christchurch.


Flying Blind... said...

I love those fabrics - good luck over the weekend x

glitz said...

Gorgeous! I love the one of the women - they remind me of Mum!

Anonymous said...

I love the tea pot and cup fabrics~