Saturday, February 19, 2011

Remnant Sale

I have a new shipment of fabrics arriving this week, the ship arrived yesterday so it is time to have a sort out of all the end of lines and remnants.  I have loaded several into the shop already and there are still more to come. 

I will be sending out a newsletter in the coming week, but thought I would give a heads up to my blog readers first.  Some of these are fabrics that cannot be repeated so it is a last chance to get your hands on some of these fabrics at a reasonable price.

I have also received several new fabrics, patterns and magentic bag closures this week and they are now in the shop.  Included in the fabrics are some moda 100% wool fabric, I use this for a lot of my crafting in place of felt and it gives a lovely finish.

And after much waiting (I ordered this fabric in October) 2D Zoo has arrived.

I used this fabric in one of the quilts I made for the twinkies (my twin niece and nephew).

Hard to believe that this was made before I had a blog and before Stitchbird Fabrics even existed.

Anyhoo hope you are all having a stupendous weekend .... must dash to get my fix of American Idol (and Steven Tyler).

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