Thursday, February 10, 2011

in production mode

I am at the Frank Kitts Market again this Saturday and I sold out of most of the reversible head bands last time, so today I have been in production mode.  These are some of the headbands that have been made.  I don't think any one would employ me to do this - I am too easily bored and too keen to skive off!

I also have some bears to make - I made a green bear a fortnight ago and he only lasted 5 minutes on my stall.  I did not even get a photo of him, he was bought by a young couple whose little boy was in the neonatal unit at Wellington Hosiptal, so I hope he is working some magic there.

I also have to vileisofix some more of these guys.  It is a bit of a trial to see how they go.  These ready to go appliques are $5 for a bag of 5.  I will also pop some into the shop - they aren't there just yet!

Also in production have been some more light shades - this one is on its way to its new home.  I love it, I hope the new owner does as well.  I realised that I seem to have photographed the side where most of the letters are upside down (duh) the print is multi directional and this is not a huge cock up - (although I have been known to do those - cock ups that is - they usually end up in our house, not sold to someone else).


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clare's craftroom said...

That is a production line ! I hope the markets go really well for you .