Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch - there just aren't the words

I start this post barely knowing what to say, words seem inadequate. 

My home town and many of my family and friends have suffered in the worst way possible. 

We are lucky in that all my family are alive. 

My heart goes out to those who have been less fortunate or who are waiting to hear about their loved ones.

I find myself losing myself to the TV coverage - hating watching, but unable to turn away, waiting for glimpses of familiar places, people I know.  This blog post has no photos - I could not go there.

What to do?

Give - there are a number of agencies collecting donations - Red Cross, Westpac.

Wellington City Mission is collecting clothes for those that find themselves without any.

Resene is collecting cans of food.

Calls have gone out to provide beds for those escaping Christchurch and have no place to stay.

All these things we can do, but is seems so little.

I wish I could have you all at my house, give you a big hug, a cup of tea and some respite from what you are living through.

Be safe
Kia Kaha
Arohanui to all


Flying Blind... said...

My love to you and your family - we are watching aghast all over the world - even our local TV coverage has the top news story of crews flying out from our area of the UK to help - we are all with you.

My four year olds cried when they saw the cathedral yesterday, as we have pictures here from our visit a couple of years back - all too shocking for words.

My sister is down the road from you in Hataitai and my Aunt and Uncle were in Christchurch last week on their round-the-world tour - you are so far away yet so close.

Be strong xxxx

Sarah Gough said...

I feel the same way - it's so hard to stop watching, to take a break from what those in ChCh can't escape.

PaisleyJade said...

Such sad news isn't it. xoxo

Sunnybec said...

I am pleased that your family are all safe. Its a terrible thing, this year has not got off to a very good start. Linda

Jacqui said...

It's awful isn't it, and the news just keeps getting worse and worse. For some reason I find the Cathedral the most heartbreaking, it must represent ChCh to me. I'm glad to hear everyone you know is ok, I've been lucky that way too but I know many, many aren't. Kiwi at Heart is organising a stuffies drive, but I do need to go and do my thing at Red Cross tomorrow.

Philippa said...

Thank goodness all your family are safe Lindy. It's a worrying time for so many people.

glitz said...

Isn't that odd...or not as we know from experience, but I had just decided that while I feel I must post something on my blog about the quake, I can hardly bring myself to speak about it all, let alone post photos. And here you have done something very similar.
L x

Colleen said...

My prayers are with you all.