Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Escaping and Looking for the Sun

Tomorrow we are heading off in search of some sun, sand and relaxation.  Wellington's weather has improved over the last couple of days, but prior to that it has been grey, wet and windy.  So off we go in search of sun.  It is also an opprtunity to meet up with a few retailers to hopefully sell some fabric wholesale.  Fingers crossed.

In a previous post I mentioned buying a needle felting book and because I can't take my sewing machine on holiday I packed a little bit of wool and a needle felting needle and spent a little bit of time playing.  It was great as I could sit in my sister's studio as she made her beads and I stabbed at wool.

Two wee guys emerged.  The penguin is a gift for a penguin lover.  The mouse has a slighlty gammy leg, but his friend the penguin doesn't mind.

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