Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OMG - what have I got myself into?

We are very fortunate in having a wonderful library and I am a regular, checking out magazines, novels and lots and lots of crafting books (the latest is above, Dare to be Square Quilting).  Well the number of crafting books has not gone unnoticed, because now I find myself down to do a demonstration not only at my local library but also the neighbouring suburb's library - the topic - patchwork, christmas decorations and christmas gifts - a subject range broad enough to give myself plenty of wiggle room (or room to hang myself).

The library is running a series of art and craft demonstrations to show case the books they have available for loan.

Only thing is now I feel like a fraud - I am no sewing expert - I do things because I like doing them and I make plenty of mistakes along the way.  For me sewing and crafting is not about perfection.  But now the questions is what exactly to do?   My thoughts in no particular order are:
  • a baby's bib
  • cool cards from old book illustrations (but is cutting up old books sacrilege in a library?? What is the etiquette here?).
  • the house and heart christmas decorations  - as seen here, maybe some others?
  • a bag
  • and some patchwork blocks, including the wonders of appliqueing with vliesofix
What do you think?  Any suggestions - what things do you make for quick and easy gifts?  I also thought I could take some completed things with me.  Like this pencil roll

Which came from the pattern in this book:


Jacqui said...

I think that's a great attitude for a sewing teacher, they'll have a lot more fun than with some strict perfectionist. I agree that the librarians may not be all that keen on the cutting up books thing! I can see them frowning disapprovingly from the stacks. Bags, blocks, decorations all sound fun! I see you added on a flap to that pencil roll. I made a few of them before discovering how hopeless they are without it! I must add one on to mine. I mean to Hazel's!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'll do an awesome job. My suggestion would be to pick one or 2 projects from books the library has and make sure they have them there on the day for people to get out. Go you!

clare's craftroom said...

I have no doubt at all you will do a great job , good on you for having a go ! Christmas stockings or basic sacks maybe ? I'd love to hear how you get on .

glitz said...

You will be full of ideas of things to make, but I saw a gorgeous little swag of hearts on hemp rope today that made me think of you...I almost bought it, but then thought that you would be horrified! It was so simple yet so effective. Just small hearts about the size of a matchbox(in this case red and taupe) with the odd cross stitch embroidered on, nicely spaced out on a piece of doubled hemp string. So simple, yet so effective!
People are not looking for a perfectionist sewer, but a person full of ideas and solutions - JUST LIKE YOU!
You will be perfect!

Mee a Bee said...

I have this book, isn't it fabulous?! My friend's daughter made this pencil roll all by herself as a summer project last year (age 9) it worked out really well and fun for her.
I hope your class was fun!