Monday, December 27, 2010

E is for Elephant

In case you were wondering this blog is mainly about crafting, but you may have had your doubts lately.  That was because with all the end of year and pre-Christmas rush I just did not have the head space to be creative.  Migraines have been lurking - I think I was more stressed about my son's end of year NCEA exams than  he was.  Then Midget finished at the primary school she has attended for the last 8 years and that was all very emotional as it ends a 11 year assocaition with the school.

But getting back to craft - I love elephants, they seem such gentle giants and they keep reappearing in my craft.  Above is some doodling that I finished today.  The guy below was made a couple of years ago and he stands guard at our lounge door proetcting us from the Wellington winds that threaten to slam the door.  (Didn't realise how dusty he was getting until I took this photo). 

He is very proud of his tail...

These guys have been lurking in my fabric stash.... I must admit to finding it hard to cut them up.  I need the perfect project.

And these guys have been added to the shop recently, they are by Laura Wisbrun.

I can feel some more sewing coming on over these holidays!  Happy sewing everyone.


Rach said...

Lovely work... am also looking forward to getting back to making things post Christmas : )

Bellgirl said...

Ah, I do love an elephant :) Your patchwork one is beautiful!