Monday, May 16, 2011

Melboune - the ultimate girls' weekend away - suggestions please

The excitement is building as my two sisters and I get ready for the ultimate weekend away in ...... Melbourne.

This is the time that we leave our families at home alone, eating bread and water and generally economising so we can have FUN!  (I wish - it is usually when Mr S purchases major electrical appliances).

We take this very seriously - we have a girls' weekend bank account and every fortnight we put in $30 each towards our trip.  Because we do not live in the same city we justify this in that we would most probably spend that much seeing each other for coffee and cake if we lived in the same city. 

We have been doing girls weekend away for about 11 years now.  Sometimes life plays cruel tricks and we need to get together and support each other in other ways - one year my eldest sister's partner was terminally ill, another my Dad was seriously ill and yet another my dear brother in law had to have a quadruple by-pass.  But even when things are tough we know that next year it will still be there and we will have a bit more money squirrelled away. 

So we have four days in Melbourne at the end of this month and I would love to know what recommendations you have for eating out, crafty girl spots and good shopping.  We are also thinking of a day trip to Daylesford - is it too far for a day trip?  Once there what would you recommend we see and do?  And if we went on a Sunday would shops etc be open? 

11 more sleeps to go.....


Jodie said...

Daylesford is perfect for a day trip and also a very 'weekend" town so everything would be open !
It sounds like a great tradition.

choey said...

Check out the Sunday Arts Market, on South Bank near the Arts Centre. Goes on all day, lots of crafty stalls. Or the St. Kilda Market, every Sunday, take the tram out to St Kilda Beach and find your way to the white marquees. And for coffee and cake - DeGraves St cafes in the CBD!