Monday, January 23, 2012

Cover Quilt

One of my quilts and a cushion were on the cover of the November House and Garden and I missed it!

The quilt and cushion were sent off to NZ House and Garden many, many months ago for a photo shoot and returned.  They did appear in a beautiful photo in the magazine at the time and I thought nothing more of it.  So imagine my surprise when I was at the library on Friday and saw this...

The Princess and the Pea Quilt and the Far Far Away 2 cushion I made.

Now I would like to say that being very professional I just borrowed the magazine and came home quietly for a wee read - but no - I was very excited, told the librarian that that was my quilt there on the cover and rushed home to tell any one who would listen!

Including you!

Now I do not buy many magazines these days, I usually borrow them from the library, but I would like to have a copy of this magazine.  Unfortunately it is no longer for sale, but if any of you have a copy that you have finished with I would be happy to purchase it from you.  Please email me 

Thank you


Miriam said...

congratulations! That is wonderful. My mama gets this as a subscription so I'll ask her if she has a copy of this one. I'm sure she won't mind - how exciting!

Ruby in the Dust said...

wow, it looks beautiful! well done on making the cover :)

glitz said...

Oh Wow! I missed it too! Like you, I've stopped buying so many magazines these days. I think Jane gets it sometimes, though - she may have a copy?
Congratulations, you Miss Cleversticks!