Thursday, June 21, 2012

Even the Queen wears Glitz

New in store HRH Queen Elizabeth II Blackboards.  Her magesty looked as though she needed a little something else. What better than a Swarovski crystal necklace from Glitz?

The blackboards are $25 and the necklace $170.
We have been playing around with the shop window.  Out went the frames and in went the paper doilly bunting and an afternoon tea theme.  One thing I have discovered is that it is incredibly hard to take photos of a shop window, the glare and reflection don't make for good photography.  I think I may need photoshop.  Does it help with this??  Does anyone know?

So this photo has been taken from inside.  Diane made these beautiful roses from prints charming fat quarters. 


glitz said...

Not sure what happened to the comment I left yesterday...
The Swarovski really suits her, don't you think?
Yes, windows are really hard to photograph - I haven't tried with my doily window this week - I've gone for the big snowflake look...and I've used some suction cups and put crystal jewellery onto the glass - that was fun!
Love the fabric flowers!

louise said...

someone once told me to photograph the window as the light is just starting to fade and have the lights on in the shop.

any news on the mousie fabric?!