Sunday, September 9, 2012

upholstering chairs using echino fabrics

A number of people have asked me about the suitability or not of using the echino fabrics for upholstery.

Occasional chair with Viewfinder fabric in the shop

The echino fabrics are not manufactured as upholstery grade fabrics as such and they have not been subjected to the Martindale test, which gives a rub count, so you know how hard wearing upholstery fabrics are.

But I have used the heavier echino fabrics for upholstering occasional chairs and I would also use it on a dining seat (you know the ones where the padded seat pops out).  Reupholstering these types of chairs does not take long or a lot of fabric and I love the effect the echino fabrics have.

I would also be mindful that New Zealand has very harsh sunlight and I most probably wouldn't place one of these chairs in full sun for a very long time.


kelz said...

love it

HoffiCoffi said...

I love that upholstered chair. It's so beautiful that I think it is worth the risk of whether it will last!

Marran said...

mum can i have it in my room