Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 2 - Tokyo and the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

We are near the end of Day 2 in Japan (counting full days here) and are on the Shinkansen train to Kyoto for the weekend. 

This morning was spent in Nippori (fabric town), most of the time in Tomato (a fabric shop).  There are 5 different Tomato stores within 1 minute walk of each other.  The main one we visited has 4 floors of fabric.  We will be going back again - it was amazing!

The afternoon was spent at the Quilt Festival.  Many of the quilts and fabrics are beige based.  I have never seen so many shades of beige!  The quilts were beautiful, but being a lover of colour not really my cup of tea.  

One of the stand out quilts for me is this quilt with the hearts.  The name of the quilter is not supplied in roman lettering so I am unable to attribute the quilt to the quilter here.  If any one knows who it is by I would love to know.

And a close up:

As well as the quilts there are also lots of stall selling fabrics and related goodies.  This photo is of a stall that specialised in vintage fabrics and sewing goods and Kawaii.  Be still my heart!  I lusted after many of the items in this stall!

Just ordered a bag of macadamia nuts on the train and they came with crunchy cheese - note to self - crunchy cheese is not nice!!


Sarah @ mila+cuatro said...

What a fabulous quilt, I love the improv nature of it that you see close up, but from a distance you see the hearts.

Leonie said...

hahaha about the crunchy cheese :) but gosh that quilt!!! amazing!!

Jane said...

Thanks for posting. Love the energy in the quilt. And the repurposing of all the little scraps.