Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suzuko Koseki - A Rock Star in Fabric Design

I liked Suzuko Koseki's fabrics before I went to Japan earlier this year, but my trip reinforced how great her fabrics are.  (I think I have a wee bit of a crush).

I am so happy to have formed a relationship with the manufacturer of her fabrics and I have just received my first shipment (of what I am sure will be many).

Here are some photos of Suzuko and her display at the Tokyo Great International Quilt Show.

I wish I knew Japanese so I could have understood what she was saying.

Shoes that I would love to have in my wardrobe.  Made from Marguerite Daisy in Red.

Old Japanese fashion magazines which inspired Suzuko's new range of fabric.

And her stunning art work...

One of her quilts....

These two ladies looked gorgeous in their skirts made from Suzuko Koseki fabric.  The blue one is made from Fashion Magazine Royal.  The other from English Cafe.

I have had fun unpacking all the Yuwa and Suzuko Koseki fabric this afternoon.

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