Monday, June 9, 2014

Patchwork Please! - A book I need to buy

I often trial books, before I buy them, by taking them out of the library first.  Sometimes books can be a triumph of styling over actual substance.  I recently did this with Patchwork Please! by Ayumi Takahashi and for me this is a book that I need to purchase.  The projects and the styling are great. There are several projects that I want to do.

So far I am obsessed with the envelopes:

With this envelope I used the instructions from Zoe the Zombie Apocalypse doll, with some Miffy fabric I bought in Japan.  The on below uses some Red Cookie fabric which I have had squirrelled away.

There are a number of other projects in this book that I would like to try.

Are there any books that you can recommend?


Anna Cassie said...

Love the Red Cookie envelope! As I've been trying to start packing I've been looking at all my books and thinking I have to get better use from them. You've inspired me so I'll choose one and get started. Something small though I think!

Julie said...

Another swap group for this envelope has just started on Flickr if you are interested:

Leonie said...

I have been hanging out for this book and it is definitely on my wishlist! I see so many lovely things popping up that came from it! Love your envelopes - too cute!