Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Stack - turning down the volume - low volume fabrics

Choosing colourful and interesting patterned fabrics is great, but for every fabric diva there needs to be a supporting chorus and that is where low volume fabrics come in.  Low volume fabrics are fabrics that read as a light solid or nearly solid in a black and white photo.  They can be tone on tone of black and white or have a little colour on them.  Generally speaking they have a neutral background - white, cream, taupe, grey.  They can be used instead of a plain solid colour and are fantastic for making those bright and colourful fabrics pop in a quilt.

Some of my favourite low volume fabrics are text fabrics - fabrics with writing on them (I have quite a few in store and many get to come home too!).  

This week's Tuesday stack is dedicated to low volume fabrics.

This is just a small selection of what we have in store.

Black and White Maze from Andover
Swim Team Fish by Dinara Mirtalipova
Ephemera Text from Camelot
Rainbow Dot on Linen by Sevenberry
Petite Plume from Cinammon Joe for Camelot
Tipu in Orange from Lotta Jansdotter
Collage Newsprint by Carrie Bloomston
Wildflower Woods Dragonfly from Lynette Anderson

I could have just kept adding and adding to this stack.  Love text, love low volume fabrics.

P.S.  Note to self : must make a special section on-line for low volume fabrics.

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Leonie said...

ooo i love these! that maze especially captivates me!