Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mills and Boon?

One of my weaknesses is books, especially crafting books and vintage books.  One of my more recent  finds is a Mills and Boon book (but not of the romance variety) and it ticks both boxes, vintage and crafting.  It is called Toys for your Delight by Winsome Douglass and was published in 1957.  First of all I love the author's name, it's not often you meet a Winsome these days and the embroidered toys and illustrations in the book are truly beautiful.

I was also fortunate to find An Orange Robin Story Book at the op shop.  I love the illustrations in this book and can see them as an embroidery one day.... 

 I may of course need a million "one days" to do all the things I would like to do.

Happy stitching!


clare's craftroom said...

Hello there , I love your op shop finds , amazing the great stuff is left there for us . How are your decorations going that you started in your previous post , love to see them !

Lyndyloo said...

Thanks Clare, I have now added a photo of the finished Babushka. Sorry I did not reply earlier as being new to blogging I didn't even relaise I had comments! I have now remedied that. Also took a peek at your blog it is lovely. Thanks