Monday, October 4, 2010

in the news and 100th post

Did you see the latest Homestyle magazine?  On the last page they have a couple of fabrics from Stitchbird Fabrics - yippee skippy.

If you have not had a look in this magazine before it is lovely and not just because it has my fabrics in it :).  It feels friendly, accessible and includes an eco section, much like the editor Lucinda (not so sure she has an eco section though).  The magazine also does a lot to feature New Zealand designers, so in this issue you will find lovely cups from Melissa at Tiny Happy and Jessica at Bam Bam Creative's Bunny clock.  You go girls!

Also I read today, as I started this post, that this is post number 100.  Where did that time go?

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Flying Blind... said...

You must have a big old chuffed feeling seeing 'yourself' in print - congratulations!