Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan Disaster Relief - Fukudamachi Kindergarten - Can you Help?

Handmade Clothes and Toys Needed!

A Photo before the Earthqauke and Tsunami

Today I was approached by one of my customers, Yumiko who is coordinating disaster relief for a kindergarten in the Sendai region of Japan, asking if I could help.  Yumiko now lives in New Zealand, but her family is from the Sendai region and her cousin teachers at the Fukudamachi Kindergarten. 

Following the earthquake, the staff at the kindergarten have been working hard to clean up and are now ready to welcome the children back.  Whilst almost all 200 of the children are safe, some have lost their homes, leaving them without clothing, toys and basic necessities.  Many of the children will be traumatised by the disaster.

The head teacher of Fukudamachi Kindergarten has welcomed an offer of a care package of clothing and toys which will be distributed to the children in need.  NZ Couriers have kindly donated free shipping to the kindy (from a single point in New Zealand).

Here's where we come in -  can you help with a donation of handmade new items with the following considerations:

The children are aged 3-5 years
  • Clothing items are required more than toys
  • Clothing can include skirts, shorts, tops dresses, polar fleece, hats etc
  • Japan is heading into spring, but it is still very cool in the mornings and evenings in this part of the country (it is still snowing!)
  • Please consider weight and bulk.
It would be helpful if you included the age/size and if relevant gender for the item you have made.

And if you'd like to....
  •  take a photo of you/your family/group and your item and email it to as soon as possible,
  • including the names and ages of those in the photo
 As the kindergarten wants to create a photo montage of all those who have helped.

Yumiko has organised for items to be dropped off on 28 April 2011 in Paraparumu.  I am happy to act as intermediary collection point and either drive or courier all the items I collect to Yumiko on that day.  If you would like to donate please leave a comment with your email address or email me and I will send you my address for delivery.  I will need to receive all items by 27th of April in order to make the delivery deadline of the 28th!

Fellow bloggers if you could also let others know I would be extremely grateful.

Whilst many of us will have given in a variety of ways I am sure, this is an opportunity to see something you have made with love go to help those in direct need in Japan.

Thank you in advance!

P.S If you would like you can see more photos of the adorable children at their kindergarten here


Betsy said...

I published to my blog heavens-to-betsy. Is DHL offering all global shipping. Can the U.S join in?
A big thank you to DHL for providing to such a wondeful cause!

Rebma said...

I would LOVE to help and donate a few things. As soon as I saw this post I headed straight to my sewing machine! ;)

hapachica said...

Hi Betsy - thanks for the support - my understanding from my funding/sponsor co-ordinator is that it is the NZ branch of DHL that is offering shipping to Japan from NZ only (NZ Courriers International). I would love to be able to extend the opportunity for international community to help, but with limited capacity, we are unable to co-ordinate this.

Rebma - THANK YOU! I was on the phone to my relatives in Sendai last night when the 6.6. 'aftershock' hit - it was terrifying. these gifts will be a real ray of light in a worrisome time for these children. Thank you

Miko said...

Just a wee clarification - it is NZ Courriers-International who is sponsoring our shipping to Japan. they have an international partner (TNT)- so there was some confusion there initially

Stitchbird said...

Hi Miko I have updated the blog - I was told DHL to begin with so sorry to NZ Couriers!! Fixed now.