Sunday, April 3, 2011

NZ's Hottest and Youngest Home Bakers?

The Twinkies - my youngest niece and nephew turned two this weekend.  Their Mum put in a request for two aprons.

Made from Traffic

Made from Babushka Dolls and Cat (one of my new favourites).

Now these would look heaps better with models wearing them, but unfortunately they do not fit anyone in our household.

I made a similar apron for their older sister a couple of years ago, based on a pattern that I made up - but do you think I could find the pattern, so thanks Uncle Robbie for giving me all the vital measurements based on the original, over the phone.  I will have to ask Aunty Sooz whether she will take a photo of New Zealand's Hottest and Youngest Home Bakers to share with you (they are super cute!) 

Happy Birthday Sam and Maya!


Megan said...

aren't aprons such a great homemade gift, love those 2 fabrics, bet they will be very popular pressies :)

kaz said...

How fab! I have some of your Sleeping Beauty fabric, and I need to stop procrastinating and make something :)

glitz said...

Ah, too cute!