Monday, March 28, 2011

the thing I hate most about sewing - is cutting

Why does cutting fabric have to come at the beginning of a sewing project?

I have to psych myself up for cutting into fabric - especially when sewing clothes for myself.  First there is always the concern as to what size am I exactly?  Then there is all that precious fabric... yikes.

Today I have been brave and cut into some of the Nani Iro fabric.  I have wanted to make a top for myself in this fabric for a long time.

This is the pattern I am using

It is New Look 6962.  I have chosen the cross over top style, longer length and am yet to decide on the sleeve length.  I am thinking about making them long for winter.  The cutting is complete and I will let you know how the sewing goes.
Happy stitching.


Anonymous said...

Well...we are all different. My favorite part is the cutting! I cut, and cut and cut...then have to make myself sew it together! LOL

Little Miss Flossy said...

I'm like Cathy, I like cutting too. I spend a good part of my Tuesday's cutting out fabrics for projects at school. I love all those piles of colorful fabrics, ready to go. Looking forward to seeing your finished top.

Betsy said...

Oh My what gorgeous fabric! I can certainly understand the hesitation in cutting into it. Although it will make a gorgeous top, For sure. I get the heebie Jeebies just thinking about cutting into my Flora Fox by Farbenmix....