Thursday, March 3, 2011

more new fabric and a free pattern

This dress has been made using two of Robert Kaufman's organic fabrics Summer Flowers and Summer Swirls which have recently been added to the shop.  (Please note this is not my sewing - but I do love it!)  The Itty Bitty dress pattern is a free pattern created by Made by Rae ; Rae is very generous and has a number of free sewing patterns over on her blog, so it is well worth a visit - but play fair these patterns are for personal use only!

Also new in the shop are laminated echino fabrics (great for tablecloths, out door upholstery, bags and bibs) and also some echino nylons (for shower proof coats, bibs, bag linings and shower curtains).

Echino has also done a new range of extra wide fabrics - 152 cms wide.  The fabric is lighter than the more traditional echinos with 15% linen and 85% cotton and is wonderfully soft.  The extra width means it is great for those bigger sewing jobs I am already thinking of using some for a quilt back, now I just need to make some time ......... and clear a path to my sewing machine.

PS - thank you to everyone for your kind words on my last post - I think it meant that I was not in sooo much trouble with Miss M.

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aimee @ lily pad designs nz said...

I love Made by Rae too! I have used her big bottom pants to make bum shuffler-specific pants...and I have made this same dress pattern :)