Wednesday, March 16, 2011

at last some sewing

Now I am cheating a bit as these cushions were made in December, but I did not blog about them at the time.  They are made with Heather Ross's Far Far Away 2 fabrics which is in the shop.

I would post the product of today's sewing but is has not been without its trials - my sewing machine tension was off - I mean way off and no amount of turning the dial would find the right spot.....Sh*t, B.#**$. 

I changed the needle ....... still no good - BUM.  I want to sew!  Plus I am already mentally calculating the repair bill - double BUM.

And then I resorted to getting out the screw dirver and taking off the foot plate and found the dust bunnies of all dust bunnies - in fact a whole family of dust bunnies lurking in there.  Some of it was almost felt.....try again......aahhhh........all is right with the world again, I can sew.

Tomorrow I will post what I have been working on today - a gift for a three year old friend - I just need to get the right coloured thread to finish the top stitching.

I hope you have had more joy with your sewing.


BigLittle said...

Oh this fabric is so lovely!

Lesley said...

Ah! Just the inspiration I need....lovely. Just bought a few bits of this gorgeous fabric today and am thinking about how best to use it for a cushion.... it's divine. Might need to buy more I think!