Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching Up

The past weekend I was in Melbourne with my sisters.  4 days of indulgent bliss!

Given the exchange rate there was not a lot of shopping done - as the prices were very expensive - but there was lots of window shopping, trying on and giggling.  I loved all the colour and displays....

The flower stall at night

The Queen Victoria Market

I have just downloaded my photos from my camera, whilst drinking a lovely chai tea bought at the market. 

 Thank you to my two lovely sisters for being such great company and my family for letting me escape.


Megan said...

that would be a dream weekend for me too, we lived in melbourne for 6 months many years ago and I loved it, such an awesome city :)

Angel Jem said...

An escape without children is heaven.... but then it's nice to get home again. Enjoy your chai!

Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous 4 days!! One of the things I really appreciated this time was the fact that we all love the visual feast and especially the little details. Something my two sisters bring to their creativity.
Looking forward to the next one........ :-)

glitz said...

One of my enduring memories of this trip will be all of standing in the street taking photos of the same thing that had caught our eye! A visual feast indeed! But shared with the very best company. L x