Sunday, June 26, 2011

the week that was

It has been one of those weeks...

Miss M off sick for 3 days

Miss M's Birthday on Friday - who can believe my baby is now 14

The present I bought her did not arrive in time as they forgot to send it

Also in case I have not mentioned it here, I still work part time as an independent HR Consultant and this week was involved in not 1 but 2 disciplinary meetings - not the enjoyable part of the job

And to top it all off two mumble %#* GST returns

But my gratitudes are:

My baby, fabric and clothing advisor and expert on all things teenage turned 14! 

Jules sent Miss M a lovely cat by way of a sorry for late delivery

A group of lovely girls came over to celebrate Miss M's Birthday

Miss M loves her Birthday pressie...

Miss M's Owl

from Jewels Vine (For customers in NZ contact Jules direct as it is cheaper than buying via etsy)


glitz said...

Gorgeous! Lucky Miss M. And a nice wee ad for Jewels!

Denise said...

Cute, I'm also a Jewels Vine fan.. have a few pieces. As for 2 discps in a week.. yep, know the feeling, when it rains it pours ;)