Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lace preserves

With Monday being a holiday I have had some time for playing, including playing with some Kool Aid.

The laces came out with varying results.  I think next time I will use a little white vinegar as a mordant (there was none in the house and I did not want to go to the supermarket, very lazy I know but I hate the supermarket!)

P.S.  Off to play netball, hoping my bottom is all ok after last week's pain in the arse.

P.P.S. Go the Silver Ferns!


Make-do Mum said...

Is Kool Aid like Raro?

Stitchbird said...

Hi Kool Aid is an American packet powder drink like Raro. It does not have sugar in it you add the sugar in when you are making the drink up. It has lots of colourng in it and can be used to dye natural fibres. Hate to think what it does to your insides if you drink it :) Thanks Lyndy

Jared Radomski said...

Is Kool Aid like Raro?