Tuesday, November 1, 2011

playing with paper

making more cards....

this one with a little Halloween theme going on.  Can you tell I love Richard Scarry?

 Including Christmas cards and tags - yikes it is only next month!  Blank shipping tags are available for sale in the shop - if you want to make your own.

 and a photo of Midget's paper play - a lot more complex than mine - a year 9 art project....


glitz said...

Wow Miss M - I'm very impressed! The cards are lovely too Lyndy - are you cutting up old books?

Dani Cristin said...

Oi,eu adorei seu site.
Achei por demais inspirador e cheio de coisas belas.
I love!!!
Beijos do Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Love this, you guys are crazy,
cant wait to meet some of you at fabric a brac,
its like heaven with sewing by the sound of things,,