Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting My Creative On - 4+ A Week

I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently about my own creativity.  What between working, mothering, taxi driving, laundress, wife and partner commitments there seems to be less and less time to commit to my own sewing and creativity.  I seem to get to the end of the day (which is often later in the evening) and instead of creating, I end up slumping in front of the TV feeling exhausted and brain dead - The Walking Dead is about as intellectual as I feel.

I need to get out of this rut and have been mulling over a number of options - less housework sounds like a brilliant idea!

So I am publicly (on my blog) making a commitment to craft for at least 1 hour 4 times per week for the next 6 weeks (I hope I can do more but this is the minimum).  I thought about 5 times per week, but I know my life and commitments mean that sometimes that may not be possible, so 4+ it is.  The 6 weeks is to try and make it a habit.

For me making for the shop does not count - this is new stuff.

I have a number of stalled projects on the go and I need a good boot up, the you know what, to get going on.

There is a half square triangle quilt  from the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe that needs just a few more blocks to be made and then put together.  (I am not pleased with the centre section - I want to use a larger variety of fabrics).

I have also attacked my scrap pile and have been cutting 3 inch squares to make a scrap quilt based on the quilt 3 is a Magic Number Quilt by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts.  I have also started the Midnight at the Oasis Quilt by Jen Kingwell, which I need to get some traction on.

For Christmas I was given a kit for stamp carving and I want to give that a go.  So creativity is not limited to sewing.

You get the picture - there are lots of projects but little action at the moment and it needs to change.

As part of the commitment I will blog each Thursday on my progress - good and bad (if I fall off the wagon).  If anyone else is keen to get their creativity back in action you are welcome to join me.  If you have a blog I can link back to your blog each Thursday with what you have been up to for the week.

The first blog post will be next Thursday.  But my week starts today!

It's done, it's out there, I have started - wish me luck!


Helen M said...

Hi Lyndy
Good luck with your projects - you deserve some "me crafty time". I find I can get about 45 minutes of sewing in between 6 and 7 in the morning when no-one else is up. Oh and I haven't dusted for months. Housework is way overrated.

Schulz Family said...

Oh I so get you. That is exactly how I am. 8pm all the boys in bed and all I want to do craft but I am knackered so I sit in front of the TV. I did a week where I made myself sew at night and really enjoyed it. But somehow did not keep it up. Hopefully you will

Leonie said...

oooo yes so many things! I cant wait to see your Thursday posts. And you can link up too if you like! More playing/sewing/creating time is always a good commitment in my books :)

Elmosmate said...

I will be keeping an eye on you! I need to bring out my Midnight at the oasis again, its such a lovely quilt.

Pencarrow Sewing Girl said...

Great idea - I'm in