Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Stack with a Nordic Twist

This week's Tuesday stack is a new range of coordinated fabrics from a new fabric company called the Copenhagen Print Factory based in Denmark.  Normally I would not use a coordinated range for the stack, as I like to mix things up, but I just love them all so much I could not help myself.

You can click on the fabrics individually if you wish, but they are all on the home page now as new products (along with a lot of others!)

From top to bottom:

And for the first time here they all in a collage.  I am not a techno whizz, so I liked finding a free tool that made this so easy - PicMonkey (and this is not  paid product endorsement):


Craftysquirrel said...

Ooh - new fabric love - I am working myself up to sew a patch work duvet cover - some of this fabric is very tempting!

Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

Those retro flowers are seriously cool.

Karyn said...

Ooh, I like the flowers.