Thursday, March 6, 2014

4+ A Week Progress

Well I did it for the first week.  It was not always easy crafting for at least 1 hour 4 days a week.  (I am glad I did not say I would do 5!)  On Sunday I got engrossed in what I was sewing and apart from the call for dinner I could have kept going.

I spent a lot of my creative time sewing all the little triangles for the centre frame of my Midnight at the Oasis quilt.  I am using a lot of scraps in this quilt, but it has hardly made a dent in my scrap bag.

I am rehearsing different fabrics for the background.  The triangles are very small (2 inches and fiddly) so I used machine paper piecing.  

I finished putting the binding on a quilt that has been languishing in the pile.

This is destined for a gift for a new baby.

And I cut and cut some more - squaring up ½ square triangles, cutting blocks for my orange peel blocks in the Midnight at the Oasis Quilt.  Did I ever tell you that cutting is my least favourite part of the sewing process.

I found that once I started sewing, I did not want to stop, it was just the getting started!  4+ a week is a promise to myself to craft for at least 1 hour per day 4 hours per week.  

You are welcome to join me, by adding the link to your blog post with your creations for the week here. 


Elmosmate said...

Well done! MATO progress is looking great. my least favorite part is sewing the binding down.

Leonie said...

yay go you! looks great and it will feel uber rewarding getting these things ticked off!