Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Pink and Green

I remember my Gar (my special name for my Grandma) saying pink and green should never be seen. As in they should never be worn together.  (She had this covered by almost always wearing lilac or a variation on that theme).  I think those old rules have been overturned.  I love the freshness of pink and green (sorry Gar).

Hatbox Stripe from Kanvas
Handpicked White Diamonds By Jacquelin Savage McFee for Camelot
Satchi Grey from Alexander Henry (a new favourite)
Lottie Da Carousel Stripe by Heather Bailey
Heath Pink/Hot Pink by Alexander Henry (check this out it is amazing)
Lottie Da Go Go Rose by Heather Bailey

And the fabrics in a collage:


Schulz Family said...

My dad was a textile designer and his motto was " blue and green should never be seen without something in between." It was drummed into me!! I have to say that it is not often that you see blue and green together especially in clothes.

Leonie said...

Pink and blue will never do because the girls will look at you... that's the one I heard! But I love pink and blue and pink and green and blue and green and just all of it! and I love this stack too :)