Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Stack - Starting Afresh

I seem to have fallen off the blogging wagon there for a while.  No extra drama other than life - a trip to Japan, a daughter off to University in Auckland and a son who has moved out into his new apartment.  You know just the usual.  I am hoping that normal transmission in terms of sewing and blogging will resume soon.

One of the bonuses of an empty nest is a sewing room!  I will try and take some photos soon of what it looks like.

But onto the Tuesday stack:

This week from left to right we have:

Ethereal Floral Diamond in Orchid by Camelot Design Studio
Canyon Weave Agave by Kate Spain for Moda
Eden Deity Orchid by Tula Pink
Canyon Succulent Moonlight by Kate Spain for Moda
Honeymoon Colibri Citron by Sarah Watts for Cotton and Steel
Canyon Sedum Amethyst by Kate Spain for Moda

This stack is available for sale here.

Happy Sewing.

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