Thursday, September 29, 2011

getting ready

I have been doing Markets on both Saturdays and Sundays recently at the Wellington market.

I am supposedly meant to take a day or two "off" during the week.  But when you work for yourself that does not necessarily happen.  By about Thursday night I am thinking about getting ready for the weekend.

The things I love about doing the markets are the really great people you get to meet - both fellow stall holders and customers. 

Some of my market buddies include Michelle and Nick from Whirlwind Designs, who make a whole range of items and amogst them the coolest wind sculptures, which are very apt for Windy Wellington.  Here is Wendy...

And Jo from Blueberry Art with his soft German accent and cheekiness.  He sells bags and hats which are all hand made by his wife Maggie.  I will have to take some photos this weekend - they are amazing. 

I also have some very helpful assistants Jack (16) comes and helps me set up and Midget (14) keeps me company in the afternoon and Mr Stitchbird makes yummy lunches and comes in and spends some time.  Best of all it does not feel like work.  That's what happens when you are doing the thing you love, with people you love.


glitz said...

I often think of you doing two markets every weekend - that's pretty hard work, even if the company is fun and the customers inspiring.
Someone once told me that market stallholders are a staunch bunch, and I had to agree! xx

Debbie said...

Hi Lyndy

Thank you for the gorgeous fabric you sent me. It was such a nice treat to have won your giveaway and the fabric is even more gorgeous "in the flesh"!