Wednesday, September 28, 2011

rabbits, tennis and other gorgeousness

Look who arrived in the mail today from Louise aka Prairie Mouse!  I have called him Rafa.  Louise and I share an appreciation of good tennis and Rafa, which is strictly sporting you understand.  Rafa and many of his friends were knitted into the night whilst watching the US Open.  Louise has posted the link to the pattern for Rafa for those who are interested.  Louise - I love him and he is keeping me company at my computer. 

And on my blog hopping travels  - what did I spy over at es design - some gorgeous cushions made from vintage dishes.  Eleanor and her team have a store in Marion Street full of scrumptiousness.  I drool over her second hand mid century chairs,  (one day...).  I must admit to sometimes feeling intimidated by some interior design stores and the people in them - that whole too cool for school attitude - not at es design, they are just very friendly and helpful.

And some more gorgeousness from one of my lovely customers, Janine -  

A Babushka and Cat dress.  And this dress which Janine made out of one fat quarter of the the cat's meow...

Ada must be one of the best dressed babies!

The other gorgeousness is the lovely sunshine.  Hope you are having a great day where you are.

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Sheila said...

I joined Pinterest in the wee small hours of the US Open! I can understand your admiration of Rafa and am sure it is all based on his a in the difficult position of being a Murray fan - hard man to watch.....go Muzza!!