Sunday, August 31, 2014

Plus 3 Quilt for Mr S

A wee while back Mr S said in a very sad voice that everyone had a quilt except him.  He put together a selection of fabrics and I added a few more and over Anzac weekend I pieced his quilt.  Well finally it is finished.

Mr S and I are originally from Christchurch in Canterbury and red and black are Canterbury's colours.

I used Jeni Baker from In Colour Order's Arithmetic Quilt Pattern.  This quilt is quite big 64 inches by 84 inches.

I thought I would take a photo of the quilt on the outdoor table, but there is a photo bomber in our house.  Ally followed us all outside and thought she would lend her helpful paw.  

I have named this quilt Plus 3, because me and our two children are Mr S's plus 3.  I popped three little pieces of red fabric in the binding to represent each of us.


Schulz Family said...

very cool, I love plus quilts. What size did you cut? Karen

Anna Cassie said...

It's truly beautiful Lyndy. I love the colour palette. And a big congratulations on your much deserved Top Shop award.

Leonie said...

It's awesome Lyndy! and i think my absolute favourite part is the 3 red bits in the binding... so simple and so utterly lovely :)

Rachel said...

I love those wee bits of red in the binding! The colours are perfect too!