Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tootin' our Own Horn - Top Shop Finalist

An extra special package arrived in the mail today:

Inside the box:

Yep we have been selected as a finalist in the Home and Style category for the Wellington region's Top Shop retail awards.

I said to Diane that the mystery shopper must have come in while she was working, she said no, it must have been when I was in the shop.  Mr S immediately said they must have come in on a Saturday when he was working.  He is such a bloke!

These Whittaker' chocolate (my favourites)  also came in the box, they remain unopened - but not for long.

We will not find out who the winner is until 8 October.  I gather judging is based on another mystery shopper experience.  Let's hope they come in on a Saturday again :)

Happy Thursday!

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Leonie said...

WHOOHOOOOOOO!!! Congrats to you guys! Teamwork no doubt ;) Fingers crossed you win!