Sunday, February 1, 2015

Second Finish for 2015 - A Baby Quilt

I am on a roll!  Trying to finish up those lingering/malingering projects from 2014.  
I asked Midget if she would help hold the quilt for a photo.  This is her idea of how to hold a quilt!  Thanks Miss M!
Despite her concerns of dissolving in the drizzle, I did persuade her to hold the quilt outside for 30 seconds.

This quilt was made from a small jelly roll I bought last year at the Great Tokyo International Quilt Show.  (I bought three of theses rolls, so there is enough fabric to make another larger quilt).
The quilting is a rose pattern.  The backing fabric is a red ticking stripe and the binding is a random fabric I had in my stash.  (Because it was in my stash the fabric is free - right?)  And the use of it now frees up space in my stash so I can buy at least double the amount of fabric as a replacement.

This quilt pattern requires ½ a jelly roll (or in my case one small jelly roll).  I first saw this pattern on Vanessa Christenson's blog, V & Co when she made her two quilts here.  This is the type of quilt that you can realistically finish in a day.  But why rush things, when I can spread them out forever!


Helen M said...

So Lyndy. Very cute baby quilt. Who is the quilt for? I smiled at your a) replacement fabric buying tactics and b) not rushing things no matter how small. Snap ☺

Hootnz said...

I love the soft colours of this quilt! and I agree with your fabric usage...yes its free in my books too and definitely means you can replace the hole that it has left on your shelf ;)