Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sewing insomnia

Does anyone else find it hard to get to sleep some nights because your mind is whirring with sewing and crafting ideas? 

This quilt idea is just one of the things that has been keeping me awake at nights.

This is using the Saffron Craig Owls Range.  The central panel is all sewn together but the rest is a work in progress as I lay pieces out to see what I like best. I intend to use the other half width of the Owls Nesting on the back with plain white.  The question will then be to border or not to border.  What do you think?


Jodie said...

Yes , it happens too often...sometimes I have to get up and draw something or write myself a note just so I can convince myself to sleep.
I love the quilt and even though I am not a quilter I say no border..

Jacqui said...

Oh yeah, me too! I try not to think about stuff like that before I go to sleep, and not go straight to bed after looking through crafty blogs either.

Just to be contrary I'd say that a nice thin border in the red would look gorgeous, just to define the edges.

Megan said...

yes!! some nights i close my eyes and all I see is fabrics and colours and craft ideas! your quilt is looking stunning- i love your fabrics!

Kelly said...

hehe yes! there should be a cut off time for reading crafty blogs!

I love your quilt - I would go with no border (but then I'm likely to change my mind once finished!)

clare's craftroom said...

Love it ! It does get hard to sleep sometimes with all the creativity still buzzing .