Thursday, April 29, 2010

people's choice award

Wow, Miss M had her peg doll selected for entry into the people's choice award at Small Acorns.  Check out the amazing creativity over here

She was indignant that they had her age wrong, "I'm not 10, I'm 12, almost 13!" Oh to be that age when you want to add years on to your age!

The cool thing about Heidi as I was not allowed to get involved, other than acting as a mentor like Tim, when really I wanted to design and enter my own doll! 

How come kids get to do all the fun stuff, where is the peg doll competition for grown ups?


Jenni said...

Maybe you should organise one for the 'big kids'!

Jenni said...

By the way, cool outfit, love the assymetrical hemline - perfect for showing off those perfect peg legs!