Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Day for Giveaway and Breaking the Diet

Be in quick - today is the last day for the giveaway, if you would like to enter just leave a comment on the post HERE

Sshhhh... don't tell anyone (especially Mr S) but I have broken my op shop diet. I know we don't need any more "stuff", but how could I resist these wee babies; they are not "stuff".

They won't take up much room (they are only 9.5 cms in diameter) and they don't require feeding.  The little marks on their bottoms say they are Royal Doulton and my research on the web indicates that they were manufactured between 1902 and 1922.  The tree and flowers are all hand painted.

Beautiful for putting a little jam or pickle into for the table or to just look at.


Jacqui said...

Oh yes, I agree, they're not "stuff" at all! I love that nouveau style (or is it deco by that time?)

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

They are so perfect! They might be worth some money someday if you decide to sell them, they are 100 years old!

Glitz said...

You could hang them in a group on the wall? You can get those little glue on hangers like a "D" ring on a leather tab - or you could make something similar? They're very sweet.
L x