Sunday, March 28, 2010


To all those that receive my newsletter - I said I would host a give away to celebrate the new shipment of fabrics - well here it is.

I am relatively new to blogging and this is my first giveaway, so I am not entirely up to date on all the giveaway etiquette, but here goes...

What goodies are being given away - two people will receive $40 worth of fabric (your choice) from my shop Stitchbird Fabrics, some lovelies from my stash - maybe buttons, trims, lace, or more fabric (I promise it will be something good), plus some handmade goodness.

To enter - please leave a comment on this post letting me know what fabric you would choose if you won, plus tell me about your favourite fabric that you had made into an item of clothing as a child.

I would love it if you were to mention the giveaway in your blog, if you have one, but it is not mandatory.  It would also be lovely if you came back and visited my blog again, maybe even come out of the lurking cupboard and become a follower.

Who can enter - I don't want to limit entries, I know the postage maybe expensive, but I enjoy reading blogs from all over the world and I love that blogland creates a world wide crafting community - so where ever you are please enter, if you win I will get the goodies to you.

Closing date for entries - 5 pm Wednesday 7th April

My favourite fabric that I had made into a piece of clothing as a child, I have two (I have always been greedy when it comes to fabric):

My mum made this granny print into a long (to the floor) dress for me.  The other was a cream fabric with squirrels and other animals on it that my Mum made into a halter neck dress (very cool).  I have a piece of that fabric somewhere too, but I can't find it.  This may give you an indication of my serious fabric problem and the size of my stash - I still have fabric from when I was 10 years old and I am now forty mumble years old! In my defence I did do hexagon patchwork with them at about age 10.

Looking forward to hearing your stories.

Happy Stitching


Melinda said...

Ooh look - I'm the first eager beaver to comment!

My favourite fabrics in your shop would have the be the Kokka floral that you sent me a sample of - it's very Cath Kidston and the latest ballerina fabric with the eiffel tower. Just gorgeous.

As for favourite fabrics as a kid. Hmmmm. I didn't really appreciate fabrics until I was into my late 20's, but I do seem to remember several identical dresses that Mum made me and my 2 sisters. At 5 years old being dressed the same as your older sisters is pretty cool!

I will also let others know about the giveaway on my blog

Crafty Maine Mom said...

Wow! I love the Saffron Craig fabrics. Owls on trees and squiggly flowers are my favorites.

I remember easter dresses my mother made for me and my sister when we were little. The fabric was a seersucker with pastel stripes. I loved that dress.

Sarah-Jo said...

Cool giveaway Ive come via Melinda's blog every spare minute!

Your shop is full of fabulous fabric its really hard to choose?!?
I love the echino scooter in black and I also love the ugly duckling in pink cant decide!

My mother made me a shirred sundress when I was 5 and she made herself a matching maternity top to wear to a chirstmas party and I remember feeling very special having something made just for me and matching my mum!

Ive mentioned your giveaway on my blog cheers

Anonymous said...

I was rooling over the Heather Ross fabrics at Knack so I would finally get some of them! I had no favorite fabric as a child, my grandma make a lot of my clothes and although I like the thought now I didn't like those 80's fabric at all! Gingham makes me nostalgic though.

siobhan said...

The new Echino Birdsong print you have is lovely and a new favourite.

Mum did a selection of lycra leggings for me, my sister and cousin - all in various animal prints. There was fierce competition as to whether the leopardskin print was better than cheetah.

Jacqui said...

Definitely the Heather Ross fabrics, that quilt you did was fabulous!

As for fabric, I remember having a jacket and pants made out of brick red wide wale courduroy, and so did my brother. Tragic, but it WAS the mid-70s, everyone was tragic! The pants went "vvvp vvvp!" as I walked.

Anonymous said...

I love the Retro Pop Flowers - Chartreuse.
I've only been sewing a couple of years. Still I recall that as a child, my favorite dress was a white printed cotton with little yellow flowers and green leaves with an apron in front. I remember as I'd outgrown it, I was so sad that my mom got a coupon of a similar fabric at the market and added it as a ruffle to the hem, so I was able to wear it another year or so, with as a dress with raised waistline and layered skirt. I still have it and canÄt wait for my daughter to be old enough to wear it...
ghainskom at yahoo dot com

Kathryn said...

When I was four I adored a pair of Mothercare flares made from red corduroy printed with ladybirds and flowers. My obsession with vintage printed corduroy, and cute prints, continued into my teens. I customised my jeans using scraps of printed corduroy and velvet from my mother's stash and worn-out dress-ups from my cousins who grew up in the 60s/70s (this is what happened to the original cords). I even hand-sewed a brightly coloured patchwork printed corduroy pencil case, embroidered the seams and gave it a zip from my mum's old jacket. It's a little bit 'Franken-case' but I still have it! AND I still have a scrap of 15cm square deep purple printed corduroy with the cutest little green, red, orange flowers - but that is the very last scrap of vintage cord ... and I don't know if I'll ever be able to find a project special enough ... maybe I'll just pop it into a wee frame :-)

As you know Lyndy, I'm fascinated with the cute, whimsical designs coming out of Japan - any and all things Kokka!

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

We didn't have a sewing machine when I was a child but my Nannies (grandmothers) had treadle machines that I'd jump on. My paternal Nanny used to make me clothes all the time. Including a flour bag pair of pants one time but what I remember the most were the dresses. They were usually variations on a tunic and as I went through puberty and grew taller she would add on strips of material. So the green tartan dress had a green satin measuring 10 cm added on, then she added 10 cm green wool hem and from memory a red tartan. I loved it, it wasn't exactly styley but I loved it and I remember feeling absolutely excited everytime she took the dress away and added a new bit of material. Was very practical my Nanny. I love the "flower bed" range.

Michele said...

I really like Echino, especially the Bird Song pattern in purple.

I still have some material I made into a dress when I was in high school - cream with green cats on it.

clare's craftroom said...

My favourite fabric when I was a kid was my poor Dads hankies , just the right size for dolls clothes !

~ Kim ~ said...

Oh you are so generous! I really love the Echino fabrics with Hanging Bird being my favourite. Our neighbour gave us these ruffly skirt dresses made of beautiful velvet. I loved the colour back then. I felt so special in a dress. I will blog this too. Cheers.

Megan said...

so hard to choose!! I really love the Kokka fabrics especially 'Enfants Bus'.
My nana was an amazing seamstress -I remember a shirt she made for me out of a really bright lemon and limes fabric with matching yellow pants- no one would have missed me walking down the road!

mylittlebirdie said...

oooh exciting, love the fabrics, my fave would have to be saffron craig's owls nesting and the chocolate brown spots. i have a thing for spotty fabrics : )

mum made me this adorable blue and white smocked dress with red stitching, a red velour top to go underneath and worn with red tights. i loved gorgeous ; )

Big brother, Little sister. said...

thanks for this great chance for a giveaway and lovely to find your blog.

I love the Saffron Craig fabrics best :)

When I was small Mum used to make my dolls clothes and I clearly remember the beautiful velvet baby blue ribbon she used on a sleeping bacg for my treasured doll Vanessa who now belongs to my own daughter.


Jessi said...

For me, you can not go past Echino fabrics. I use them a lot in creating skirts for children to sell at the markets. They are my best seller, especially the linen/cotton blends!!! I love the boldness of the prints and the texture of the fabric!

Hmm when i was little i didn't have ANYONE who sewed for me, however, I had a mum that knitted for me and two nanas to knit for me. My favourite item is a yellow and white thick wool 3/4 length sleeve jumper. It is sooo super retro and luckily both my little boys got to wear it before they were 1.

:) Gorgeous blog! Let me know if you have access to the kokka bunny fabric, I can not find it ANYWHERE and was hoping you stocked it, but nope!

:) Jessi

Bette said...

wonderful blog! it's my first time here and there's a giveaway. lucky me.

i'm loving the kokka collection and i have my eye on the Alice in cream. it has to be it because of the red toadstools! how lovely!

hmmmn... my mama made me a summer dress made of cream fabric with small red prints. it was my favorite because it was so comfy to wear during summer. she also made me a pajama from my dad's huge PJ. :D


jessichka said...

like your lovely blog & shop, it's the first time I visited - thanks to Hazelnutgirl!
It was so nice to think back to my favourite childhood fabrics and dresses. hard to choose but in the end I had to go with a lovely dark blue cotton with a medium sized white blossom print all over. a bit like a cherry blossom I guess but I can't be sure. My mum made it into a frock for me with a strip of lace over the bodice and frill sleeves. cute!
And if I were the lucky winner I would love the Echino birds fabric in natural - that was an even harder decision than deciding which was my favourite dress! you have a beautiful range.

Beverley said...

I'm a kokka fan ... I'm thinking le ballet or babushkas in lace ... but then I could really use some basic spots and dots too.

Mum made lots of matching outfits for my sister and I when I was little ... but my favourite was something my sister didn't have ... a purple paisley jumpsuit ... I'm not sure if it was the purple paisley that I loved so much ... or the fact that my sister didn't have anything like it!

Melissa van Boekhout said...

Hiya, have seen a few people with lovely things made from your fabric store in nelson lately! I love fabric, full stop! My favourite and most memorable outfit as a child was a skirt and matching jacket vest made from a purple striped denim fabric. My mother came from holland and had the latest patterns sent out and would make a lot of our clothes. I remeber well the excitement of going to bed knowing that in the morning a brand new outfit would be lying on the bed!

SarahH said...

I love the Babushkas in Lace print... which is sitting in my shopping basket ready to order shortly!

my favourite fabric was a brown floral cord. Mum made dungarees for a teddy of mine, features in alot of family photos.

Love your fabrics and love your blog!

Liz said...

I'm in love with the Japanese goat fabric! And my favorite fabric I remember from childhood was this ice-cream-cone print which I had some painter's pants made out of.


sorry, I only got in on this last minute! but you're welcome to hop over and get in on my giveaway! Cyndi


ooo I favorite is the pink dandelions, I have 3 grandaughters who love dresses. Cyndi