Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it's raining, it's pouring

Resuming transmission..... all fabric is cut and sent on its way, the Knack market on Saturday and the school fair on Sunday were both successes.  I am starting to regain some control in my life.  It was like riding a run away horse there for a bit.

Today it looks like our late summer may be coming to an end :(.  Today we have been blasted by wind and rain and I have had some time to sit and knit.  I am not the best or fastest knitter, more of a plodder really, but it is nice to have something that you can sit and do while watching a TV programme.

This is a sublime pattern but I have used Naturally Merino et Soie which is very reasonably priced and lovely to knit.  My hands sometimes get irritated and itchy when kniting with wool, but not with this.

We have just got the final total for the craft stall at the school fair, we made an amazing $4,400, just from the craft stall!  We were very fortunate in that we received some great designer fabrics as donations from a local design store and we had a pre-fair fabric sale, as well as making cushions and aprons from the beautiful fabrics we received (thank you Estilo Design).  Also because we had so many items for sale, we had pre fair sales just after school drop off and before school pick up in the week leading up to the fair.  Fortunately/unfortunaely this was right next door to the second hand clothing boutique and I managed to spend/score some great items of clothing at a very reasonable price.

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