Sunday, March 7, 2010

big weekend

It has been a big weekend and I am enjoying some quiet time at home alone, while the rest of my family is at the Phoenix's semi final.  Time to cruise some blogs and do some sewing.

Saturday was the second Martinborough Fair. Miss M and I go over very early in the morning to act as market assistants for my sister and her husband.  Lesley is a glass artist who makes beautiful glass jewellery and my brother in law is a toy maker.

One of Lesley's landscape beads at the market...

And one of the toys at the market, the snail's shell comes off and is a rattle.

Martinborough Fair is a long day - the market starts at 8 am and finishes at 4 pm and there is one and a half hour drive to get there and home again.  The market is outdoors, around the town square and we arrived to find that the council had dug up the area we have our stalls to lay some new cables, then it rained and we had mud, mud lots of mud.  Not a good way to start the day!

Luckily it did not rain for too long, we had a lovely day together and the market was very busy.  So busy at one stage that one "shopper" decided to take a 5 finger discount and stole a couple of bracelets off the stall.  We know who it was, but by the time we realised they were gone, so had the person.  We felt bad about it, but did not want to let it spoil our day. We also heard that one unfortunate stall holder had their whole cash box stolen.

Apparently markets have become more of a target with the recession and we have certainly noticed that more has been stolen in the last 12 months than ever before. 

Last night J had his Birthday get together/sleepover so we had six 15 year olds to feed.  Luckily gone are the days when Mum and Dad have to provide the entertainment, our roles are strictly catering and clean up duty.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


Megan said...

Hi, I just had a look at your fabric store- it is great! so many lovely patterns to choose from. I have put a link to your store on my blog under 'NZ online fabric stores'.
from Megan :)

Lyndyloo said...

Thanks Megan you are a honey to do that! This week will be full of excitement as I have 1700 metres of fabric arriving on Wednesday. YEAH more fabric - because the world needs more fabric don't you think?

Megan said...

definitely! I am newish to crafting and becoming more and more fabric obsessed by the day!