Thursday, July 1, 2010

crafting for good

My sister Lesley is a fantastic glass artist (as well as a wonderful sister).  She lampworks the most incredible beads and makes them into the most divine jewellery which she sell in her shop and at markets.

Beads of Courage - these guys look like fighters flying into battle

She is also very involved in making and donating beads to the Beads of Courage Programme with The Child Cancer Foundation. Children living with cancer receive beads for every procedure they go through.  The colour and style of bead indicates what treatment  they have received.  For especially tough treatments a special bead is given and Lesley makes the most beautiful special beads for some very special and courageous children.

Lesley has recently started her own blog and you can read more about her work with the programme and some of the recipients on her blog.

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sweet emmelie said...

Hi there,

thanks for the compliment. I just made it up as I went along. I started off with a square, big or small and kind of worked around it, log cabin style, using different widths. either sewing across horizontal or vertical side of the square so not traditional log cabin. Sorry I can't explain it very well. I would do a series of random squares/rectangles(e.g 18" long or more)with the random log cabin like blocks and sew them together to make a strip, which is the width of the quilt. I would then have 5 or 6 strips, sew them up together to complete the quilt.

I hope this helps you out!