Saturday, July 31, 2010

this time last year

What a busy week.  There has been no time for blogging, or sewing, I have either been working or spending time with family.  We have had my sister in law, Jenni staying, which is always a special time.   Jenni lives and teaches in Tanzania and this time last year Jack went back to Tanzania with Jenni for 13 weeks and went to the school over there.  As a Mum it was extremely hard to say goodbye and let my 14 year old go for that length of time, but I could not hold him back from an opportunity of a life time. So this time last year I was a blubbering mess.  I think it was the slowest 13 weeks in history.

Thank you Jenni; it is a very special person who can live with a teenager that is not their own!

This week has also seen more lights being made...
Lego Play Blocks
Flower Bed Chartreuse

Tomorrow I have a date planned with my sewing machine.

Have a great weekend. 

*@$**F***Blogger### won't let me delete this photo.   Mumble Mumble bloody computers, think they can have a mind of their own @**F@#***


clare's craftroom said...

That's ok we wanted to see that shade again anyway , lol !

Flying Blind... said...

Love that Lego lampshade! Maybe not as much as my son would!!

lesley said...

Gosh! Has it been a year?! It was a wonderful thing that you AND Jenni did for Jack. Letting go is as much a gift as holding on, hey?
It was a wonderful experience for him, one he will remember for ever.
Love the lampshades!