Saturday, July 17, 2010

my name is lyndy and I have a problem.... addiction to op shopping.

This week's bargains included some fine (handmade?) tatting $1, rose lace hand-made in China, approx 1/2 a card of 48 yards $2, a NZ badge/tie pin that says ONWARD 50 cents, 1.7 metres of very dark denim $1, and a gorgeous old gingham apron with handworked pockets and hem $2.

The lace does have some age spots, but is looking pretty good for its age and nothing that a soak in nappysan won't get rid of.  (Oh if only it was so easy for me to get rid of my age "spots")

Also in the mail today was a gorgeous package for ME!

I love mail, especially this sort of mail...

I was the very lucky winner of the Frank and Dean giveaway that was hosted on Stella's blog the golden adventures of a very dark horse.

Beautiful postcards, envelopes, stickers and other gorgeousness.  Stella and her sister Rosa May are artists have just started their new business F 'n D Printers of Distinction, printing some of their gorgeous art work to share. Great for gifts and also for reviving the art of letter writing.

And it's not too late if you would like the Quilters magazine and other goodies, just pop a comment in and  I will do a draw thingy on Monday and I will include some of the rose lace in with it as well as some other goodies.

I'm off to spend some time sewing.  Enjoy your weekend.


Little Miss Flossy said...

I have to diasagree. What you need to say is " My name is Lyndy and I have a skill... I'm really good at op shopping!"

Tracy said...

I too have a op shop addiction, just yesterday I brought knitting needles, a super bright pink towel to make pretty wash cloths with for my boring kitchen and I found roll of lime green ginham ribbon that nearly made me squeal in the middle of the store...I didn't, but I did buy it :) I also love the apron you found, its so pretty and retro.

clare's craftroom said...

Great scores , lucky you !

Stella said...

Gorgeous finds! Glad you like the stationary... The scrabble pieces spell 'crafty' or anything else you might think of! :-)