Sunday, February 12, 2012

At what point does a scrap of fabric become too small?

This is my question...

I have a bag that sits along side me when I am sewing and cutting out and all the little pieces of fabric are just popped into the bag.  We are not talking big pieces these are little bits and selvedges.

And as you can see my scrap bag almost runneth over, although I am sure I could fit a bit more in.  Which brings me to my question or rather questions: 
  • How little is too litle when it comes to keeping fabrics scraps?
  • How do you store your fabrics scraps?
  • And how do you use them?
Nin's Scrap Bag Swap (which I have signed up for) has got me questioning my scrap habit and how to use them effectively.  On Saturday I decided to use some by sewing some hexies.

I used the free download over at Moxy Ideas for the 1 inch hexagon paper pieces. 

And I still do the bunting cards - but what other ideas are out there and when does that scrap become too small?  HELP!!


tartankiwi said...

covered buttons; appliqué details; scrappy quilts and pouches;
Shred it even further and use it as stuffing. There are sooo many uses for scraps and you can use even the smallest bits- I love them!

Flying Blind... said...

1.5" square is still useable! Call me mad, mind you could probably go smaller doing a ticker-tape quilt or raw edge applique!

glitz said...

I've seen them glued around dowel and made into earrings.
I'm loving seeing those hexes! I remember so clearly that was where you began with that hand stitched quilt when you were a teenager at home:)